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Round 02; Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

Round 02 ; Trend ; Sign-Ups
Round 02 will pretty much be run like Round 01 except there will be an overall "trend" theme. Basically the round will consist of iconning those trends that you loved oh so much a couple of years ago. Instead of making said trends ugly/bad you have to make those trends gorgeous. On the side every week, besides the main required one, there will be a bonus challenge in which you can take said weeks trend and icon it as ugly as you'd like for teh lulz. Sounds fun? Yes it will be. Don't be too intimidated by the idea, it will challenge you but at the same time it will be fun.

There was a Trend Suggestion Post a bit ago in case you missed it. You can still contribute to it, though there's actually more than enough trends already in there. It's screened so you can't see anything.

Little Tid Bits:
READ THE RULES PLEASE! There's been revisions since RD01.
• If you want earn an additional skip promote the community in a public post before sign-ups close. There's a banner at the
bottom of this post that you are more than welcome to use. Please tell me tho. I'm not in a lurking mood.
• Don't forget to join & watch the community in order to not miss any updates.
• Comment with your username if you would like to participate. Extra kudos for the people who get creative with this.

Sign-ups will be open until Saturday, February 12th. Nagged into posting it, here it is. Have funnnn~

Current Participants:
01. astrokittie
02. ryfee
03. regis
04. snm_queen
* = number of skips.

Eliminated / Defaulted / Withdrawn:
01. jyusan
02. skyships
03. whitelilies22
04. hamimifk
05. margyydoodle
06. dashberlin
07. strawberries_85
08. ms_poptart
09. discordous
10. pamparumpum
11. coloredpastels
12. redasatomato
13. criminalqueen
14. moonstruckalice
15. twikami
16. vai_rin
17. supafly
18. royalbk
19. deria_hime
20. elspeth_vimes
21. samuraiblues
22. kiokushitakaa
23. daicheto
24. minamoto
25. flashily
26. lightrobber
27. orijinaru
28. ce_lestic
29. pikatic
30. aentee
31. vincibility
32. nna_chan
Also if I spelt your username wrong, please tell me so I can fix it.

Banner For Promotion:
ngl I picked a random image based on how it would look trend-whored. SO YOU GET TREND INDUCED BANNER.

Sign-Ups / Rules / Affiliates

If you want to make your own, you are more than welcome to. I just bullshitted this one, again.

That's it & have fun!~ I AM EXCITED :D
If you have questions, concerns, comments, &/or feedback be sure to tell me :D
And in case you missed them, here's a RD01 recap:
ONE: Round ONE Finale Results
TWO: Round ONE Icon Showcase
THREE: Trend Suggestion Post
Round one banners will be posted eventually...

Also on a lulzy note, with a line up like this...I'm kind of glad I'm not participating. Lies, I kind of do.
Tags: !!mod, !!sign-ups, !round two
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