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The Rules
This is a "last icon maker standing" competition which basically means exactly what it is. Each week a challenge
will be posted and little by little the participating icon makers will be eliminated until there is just one last icon maker standing.

Sign Ups
Currently OPEN!

Banners For Promoting:
ngl I picked a random image based on how it would look trend-whored. Only one banner this time around because I have no mind for anything rn.

Sign-Ups / Rules / Affiliates

Alright first off, the time zone we're going by is the Mountain Standard Time. Here's a clock you can go by;
CURRENT TIME; So you can calculate your time from that. Ask any questions if there's an issue.
· Saturday: Theme closes (at 11:59 PM MST or so, never earlier) & voting is posted.
· Sunday: Voting closes, results are posted & a new theme goes up.
· Monday-Saturday: Submissions
On average the submissions will close @ 11:59PM MST & voting will go up afterward.
Voting will not go up before 11:59PM MST, that is unless all entries are received.
If theres an extension or a delay I will make sure to notify you all.

I know time can be an issue, so if there's a concern tell me please :3

Submission Format

Series: Lovely Complex
Image Used: One

· You must be signed up for this round to participate.
· Submit ONE icon. Icons must be brand new.
· Must fit LJ requirements (.png/.jpg/.gif, under 40kb, 100x100, etc. You know the drill)
· Do NOT post your icon anywhere before the results are posted, doing so will disqualify you.
· Oh hey, blending is allowed, as is animation.
· Stock images, brushes, text, coloring, textures, etc, are all allowed. Fan art & doujinshi for the time being not so much*.
· Keep icons SFW (safe for work) & don't use hentai images or really suggestive ecchi images.
· If you don't submit, a skip will be used for you automatically.

* This is being done for the obvious reason that some artists don't like it when their fan art is used in icons
w/o permission or used in general. So I will do my best to keep that from happening.

3 reminders (usually on Wednesday, Friday & Friday) will be posted before voting goes up!~

· No voting for yourself in general, that also goes for getting others to vote for you.
· Anyone can vote. Participants MUST vote please, if you had time to make an icon you have time to vote. Plus it will make the results be more balanced.
· Comments for eliminated icons are mandatory, comments for favorite icons are optional, though highly recommended.
· Vote for 2 icons for People's Choice and 2 of lesser quality. Vote based on quality of the icon (textures, quality, coloring), not because you like the character, js.
· Order does matter. Vote for your two least favorite icons. Your first choice will be your least favorite, and your second choice your second least favorite. For the favorite section your first choice will be your favorite, and your second choice your second favorite. The point system does matter here, so choose carefully. This rule usually applies towards the end of the round.
· Be constructive & positive. chacusha made a great voting guideline for wd_lims on how to vote, so have a read at it. :D
· Also if it's in the voting post, I accepted it, so in b4 it doesn't fit the theme, js.

Skips & Disqualifications/Eliminations
· When you sign up you will get 1 skip. Once you use it's gone.
· You can earn an extra skip by promoting the community in a public entry before sign ups close!
You can earn a maximum of 2 skips (default skip & the promotion skip.)
· Once all your skips are gone & you don't submit, you will be eliminated D:
· If you need to drop out or there's an issue, please tell me if you can. I know how circumstances can
change & you may not be able to submit.

Disqualification & Elimination
You will definitely be disqualified if you do any of the following things:
· Post your icons before the results from a challenge go up.
· Cheat during voting, if I notice anything suspicious during voting I will investigate it & if assumptions come
out to be true, you will be disqualified & banned from participating, which would suck. So don't cheat. Please.
You will be eliminated if you don't submit an icon, don't have a skip to use, or you just don't submit.

· Will be posted on Sunday or Monday, it all depends on voting turnout.
· Will include 1 People's Choice & 1 Mod's Choice along with the eliminated icons & tally's.

Cool, secret phrase is: . There is none tbh.

I think that's it & have fun!~
If you have questions, concerns, comments, &/or feedback be sure to tell me :D

EDIT #02: Fixed time fail.

Revised: 01 / 11 /11
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